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For private and business relocations.

Smooth and professional relocation

Relocating involves a lot of work and can be the cause of a lot of stress. No relocation is the same, so it requires customization, depending on your wishes and budget. stress met zich meebrengen. Geen enkele verhuizing is hetzelfde, daarom leveren wij maatwerk, afhankelijk van wat u gedaan wilt hebben en welk budget hiervoor beschikbaar is.

We will help you and figure out the most effective solution!

The costs for a move are between € 337,- and € 2,312,-. Depending on the number of movers, volume of contents and location. Additional costs can include: permits, mileage, fuel, parking costs, external moving lift and moving supplies.

Our Services

Project relocations

Your move will be completely taken care of, from planning and packing to final transport.

Office relocations

Moving your office furnishing from A to B plus any associated extra work. This includes disconnecting screens or dismantling furniture, for example.

Private relocations.

Moving your household effects from A to B with the option of having it packed as well. If you wish to have the household effects packed as well, this will be split into two moments.

We gladly take the relocation off your hands.


Our fleet consists of vehicles in different sizes. This enables us to use the right vehicle for every move. For houses that are difficult to reach, we have an external moving elevator at our disposal.


Start packing early and use the right equipment, which makes the moving day a lot more relaxing. You can order the best moving supplies from us, we deliver at home.


Moving requires a lot of work. How do you prepare and what do you have to take in consideration? We have had several years of experience, and can give you advice. Don't hesitate to ask us any question.

Extra Services

In addition to moving, we can support you with much more to make the moving day as easy as possible . You decide what your move looks like, but know that we can also take the following things off your hands:

Packing service

We will pack everything for you and when you are unpacked we will pick up the packing material from you.

Assembly service

You leave the assembly of furniture to our professional staff.

Cleaning service

When removing furniture, dust is always released. You leave the cleaning to us.

Waste disposal service

Wij voeren meubels voor u af naar grofvuil.


Do you need a permit or dispensation? We can arrange this for you, free of charge. 

Moving supplies

Looking for the best moving equipment. We deliver to your home.


Are you looking for a company that has the right equipment and knowledge to carry out your relocation or transport smoothly and with expertise? Then VBuning is your logistic partner.

You can contact us by telephone or via our contact form about the possibilities and / or a quotation.

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